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THURSDAY 09/12/2019 OneChicago's New Collection of Daily Product Data Files

ONE Product Complex (OPC)

Once daily, the exchange now publishes a comprehensive export of the ONE Product Complex or OPC on our public FTP site ( This export includes detailed relational mappings for product listings, their associated components, and all available contracts. These files contain a number of attributes describing each relevant data set.

Visit the ONE Product Complex home to get started!


Call Exchange Operations 312.883.3411

What's Available?

The complete OPC is published daily at 22:00 CT effective for the following business day. This process runs 6 days a week (M-F, Su) to ensure events affecting the OPC on holidays and weekends are always reflected in the available content.

File contents are aggregated as comprehensive views of all joined attributes. Users should only need a single file based on their intended use.  

  • Products - describes the base product listing
  • Components - repeated entries exist for product ids, contains each component that underlies a product with extended details for each component
  • Contracts - all available contracts that clear for the related product
  • Instruments - the Delta1 MPSecID (CLOB, Block, and EFP) mappings for each Product + Contract
  • Instrument Strategies - The Delta1 MPSecID (CLOB, Block) mappings for various combinations of Product + Contract Calendar Spreads and STARS™

Your Feedback is Important

Think of an additional data set you'd like to see? Let us know! Send an email to