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  1. Exchange Volume Report

    The file contains exchange volume data for contracts traded and open interest on a yearly basis. Each file contains a record for each month of the given year. The file for the current year is updated daily and overwites the file created on the previous business day. The file is exported each morning with data as-of the
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  2. Pricing and Fee Schedules

    All fees relating to the below schedules are described on each firm's monthly invoice (PDF) as well as the Total Billing File and respective supplemental files delivered to each firm's dedicated SFTP account. See
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  3. Security Futures Training

    Security futures can be traded in a securities account or a futures account maintained by a securities broker or a futures commission merchant. The National Futures Association (NFA) and Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), in conjunction with the Institute for Financial Markets (IFM) have developed a free,
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  4. Taxation

    Market participants should consult with an attorney regarding the tax implications of trading futures products, including whether Section 1058 of the Internal Revenue Code applies to your trading strategy. Section 1058 of the Internal Revenue Code
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  5. Announcements

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  6. Connecting to Services

    Services available directly from the exchange require some level of network access. Various services can be accessed indirectly through a third party provider by leveraging that provider's access.  Overview: Direct Access Direct access methods: Delta1 VPN Delta1 Direct Connect General Internet with IP Whitelis
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  7. Delta1 UAT VPN

    A VPN connection is an encrypted and secure site-to-site virtual private network tunnel over the Internet. Monthly Recurring Cost is assessed per customer gateway. The Delta1 UAT VPN provides access to the UAT Delta1 Trading Platform Instance. During the time when a firm is developing, troubleshooting, and certifying a
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  8. DeltaOne Trading Front-end

    DeltaOne is OneChicago's trading front-end for the Delta1 FIX Service. The application does not require installation and is delivered through Java Web Start using the Java Network Launching Protocol (JNLP). Simply ensure the minimum System Requirements on your Windows workstation and launch the application.  Overview:
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  9. Self-trade Prevention

    An OES FIX session can be enabled for self-trade prevention (STP).  This setting prevents two orders from matching in the Central Limit Order Book (CLOB), whereby the aggressing order and resting order OES FIX sessions share the same STP group. When this event occurs, the resting order is canceled and the aggressing or
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  10. Tradable Instruments

    An instrument is defined as the logical container for one or many product-contract combinations. Each instrument carries a property and is actionable for the purposes of order entry and trade reporting. An instrument is referenced by a numeric identifier in Delta1, this identifier is referred to as a marketplace securi
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