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Delta1 Trading Platform instances are deployed in geographically diverse data centers. We also provide a sandbox instance of the Delta1 Trading Platform for User Acceptance Testing. Most instance services are not available over general internet. To gain access, a VPN or Direct Connection to a Delta1 data center presence is required. 


Trading Platform Instances

A trading platform instance is a fully functioning deployment of the Delta1 Trading Platform that supports order entry, trade reporting, and streaming market data. 

  • Production - The primary instance of the trading platform
  • Disaster Recovery - A geographically separated instance of the trading platform
  • User Acceptance Test - A full service instance of the trading platform available for customer sandbox testing

Data Center Deployments

Data CenterDelta1 Trading Platform

Equinix NY4 - 755 Secaucus Rd.

Equinix CH1 - 350 E. Cermak Rd.

Disaster Recovery
User Acceptance Test

Production vs. Disaster Recovery

For performance reasons, the Delta1 Trading Platform runs its production instance at a single site. Customers looking for the lowest latency access should establish connectivity to the production site. In the case of a disaster, where we experience a loss of all on-site redundancies for the production instance, an instance of the Delta1 Trading Platform at the  secondary site is activated. For full redundancy in a disaster scenario we highly recommend maintaining connectivity to both sites. 

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