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The exchange provides the following licensed products for accessing real-time Delta1 Market Data. Note that access to Market Data through the listed products below requires a Market Data License Agreement. See the Market Data Licensing FAQ for more information.


Direct Access:

Direct Access

Customers can gain access to one of our proprietary products either directly from the exchange at one of our delivery points or from an Extranet Service Provider at a delivery point of their choice. Market Data is disseminated via layer 3 multicast (see Dissemination of Market Data for more information).

Layer 3 multicast requires PIM (protocol independent multicast) to advertise information about routers, senders, and receivers. The customer network edge should support PIM-SM (PIM Sparse Mode). The Exchange NOC provides network design assistance to any prospective or existing customer. To schedule a meeting or submit any questions about your implementation please email

For customers running feed handlers on a virtual private cloud please ensure their services support your design.

Market Data from the Exchange

A customer may connect directly to an exchange delivery point located at one of our data center presences. Please see Connecting to Services for more information about the services available at each site. For the lowest latency requirements we recommend connecting to the delivery point located at the same site as the multicast source. 

Market Data from an Extranet Service Provider

Alternatively customers may leverage existing connectivity or establish new connectivity with an Extranet Service Provider (ESP). ESPs maintain connectivity to our data centers as well as many other data centers across the world. This option is most attractive to customers without a physical presence at our data center locations. Customers can establish connectivity to an ESP and receive data as if they were directly connected to the Exchange. Note that the latency between our source dissemination and the customer feed-handler receipt of Market Data depends on ESP infrastructure, access path, and distance from the multicast source. Visit Extranet Service Providers for more information.