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Under the OCR Final Rule, the CFTC publishes rules to enhance its identification of futures and swap market participants. OneChicago requires that firms also directly submit the same reports to the exchange. For additional guidance regarding the CFTC Ownership and Control Reporting (OCR) final rule please visit CFTC Ownership and Control Reporting (OCR).

If you have any technical questions regarding the format, content, or transmission of OCR data to the Commission, please email the Commission at



Reporting Requirements

The exchange may set reporting requirements that differ from the current reporting levels found in the OCR Final Rule in the Federal Register (2013-26789). 

  • Clearing Members and omnibus accounts are required to submit for 102A (and all related accounts) as well as 102B.
  • All Clearing Members, including those that trade for their own accounts, are required to submit OCR electronically.
  • Reporting Firms must submit all refresh updates to OneChicago when required to submit such updates to the CFTC. These updates should be sent to OneChicago on the same day they are sent to the CFTC.
Position-Triggered Form 102A (Special Accounts)

This form collects information with respect to position-based special accounts. A special account is any account with a reportable position. Form 102A must be submitted to OneChicago by 09:00 CT on the business day following the date on which a special account becomes reportable.

The OneChicago reportable position level for Form 102A is one (1) contract in any cleared product-contract.

Volume-Triggered Form 102B

This form requires the transaction-based reporting of trading accounts that have daily trading volume that exceeds a specified level in a single trading day. Form 102B must be submitted to OneChicago by 09:00 CT on the business day following the date on which a volume triggered account becomes reportable.

The OneChicago reportable volume level for Form 102B is fifty (50) contracts in any cleared product-contract.

Submitting via an Authorized Third Party

Firms may elect to designate reporting authorization to any third party by completing an OCR Authorization Form. The authorization process allows the requesting firm to permit a OneChicago registered party to report on behalf of their CFTC Reporting Firm Identifier. Please contact for additional information to complete this request. 

FIA Tech OCR Data Service

FIA Tech offers a web-based reporting system that allows participating Reporting Firms to capture and store client data for regulatory reporting services. This service can be used to report OCR to OneChicago.

How to Submit

Firms must submit to a designated account hosted on

  • Files should be uploaded to {firm sftp directory home}/in
  • Consistent with the CFTC specification files must be compressed with ZIP or Gzip
  • Filenames must match one of the following formats OCRFORM_102_*_*_*.*zip or OCRFORM_102_*_*_*.*gz

Submission Process

Submissions are processed three (3) times each day at 09:00 CT, 13:00 CT, and 17:00 CT. A processed file is assigned a process id and renamed accordingly. Files are retained in the {firm sftp directory home}/in directory for ninety (90) days. 

Submissions are validated programmatically at the cftcForm102 node level. To successfully submit, the user account must be explicitly authorized to report for the CFTC Reporting Firm Identifier specified in the onBehalfOf attribute of each cftcForm102 node.

Reporting Firm Authorization failures are conveyed to the submitter via email and sent to the email address provided in the email attribute of the cftcHeader node.

Sample of email notice for rejected submission records

Please review the below rejects. Either the CFTC Firm ID was not recognized or you are not authorized to submit on behalf of the firm. Contact to correct these issues so that you may meet your reporting obligations.

Files containing rejected records:

Number of rejected records by CFTC Firm ID:
XYZ: 1
ABC: 2

Test Submissions

Firms can test file submissions using their user acceptance test (UAT) accounts hosted on

Submission Accounts and Authorizations

To create a new account or add authorizations to existing accounts visit Registration for File Transmission Services. Note that access to and is available over General Internet with IP Whitelisting.

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