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The Order Book window is located below the Watchlists and displays all working orders and other order based session activity. Note that fill events are displayed in the Transactions window. 



Point-and-Click Actions:

Rick click a working order (or double click)

  • Update Order - Open the Manage Order dialog to modify price and quantity or cancel the order

Right click a working order

  • Cancel Selection - Stage the selected orders into the Mass Cancel tool to review and transmit a mass cancel instruction

Right click any item

  • New Order - Open a new order ticket
  • Download Batch Order Entry Template Select any number of records to download and open a prepopulated template in the FQIN format for Batch Order Entry
  • Add Instruments to Watchlist - Add the MPSecID of the selected items to a designated Watchlist and subscribe to live market data (Add Instruments to a Watchlist)


To enter a more focused view, the Order Book window may be hidden by deselecting the Window > Order Book / Transactions option from the main menu or by pressing Ctrl + E.

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