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Individual Use

By accessing this site, you agree that you will not redistribute the contents of this page or any data obtained from the links included to any third party, unless specifically permitted by OneChicago in writing to do so. For more information please visit Site Terms

We provide license-free data publicly available over general internet. No registration, licensing, or login is required for the internal use of this data. You can locate this data on the OneChicago Market Data FTP Site.


What's Available?

  • Daily Settlement Prices - The daily settlement prices file simply contains the exchange published settlement price for the specified trade date for all cleared product-contracts.
  • Exchange Summary PVOI - The PVOI data set contains prices (OHLC), volume, open interest and daily settlement for all cleared product-contracts. OI is updated on the following business day. 
  • Product Catalog - Published daily, the product catalog relational mappings between instruments and product-contracts available for the specified trading day

  • Trade History - Complete trade history for the trading day, this file is updated throughout the day every 10 minutes

Market Data File Formats