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The Error Trade Policy permits the exchange to take an error trade action (adjust trade prices or bust trades) when such action is necessary to mitigate the possibility of a market disrupting event, or if the exchange determines that the trade has an adverse effect on the integrity of the market. The purpose of this policy is to balance market participants’ expectation of certainty for executed trades against the deleterious effect of publishing inconsistent trade prices.

For additional information regarding this policy please see the OneChicago Error Trade Policy.

How to Report a Trade for Review

A trade reported to the exchange for review is called a Questioned Trade. Please send the below information to

  • Trade Report ID
  • Fully Qualified Instrument Name (FQIN)
  • Time
  • Price
  • Quantity

The exchange, at its discretion will review the TIQ and determine if the trade is eligible for an error trade action.

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