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To change a DeltaOne user password or enable a user lockout from too many failed login attempts users can click the "Reset Password" link located on the connect dialog or the connecting fix services dialog. This link opens the user's preferred web browser and navigates to the PORTAL Web UI for the Delta1 TPI. 


Using PORTAL to Enable an Account or Change Password

  • Navigate to the PORTAL URL for the desired Delta1 TPI
  • Ensure that you have registered an email address to your DeltaOne user. If you have not please contact to complete this registration. Note that only 1 email address can be registered per DeltaOne user.
  • Follow the prompt to enter in your DeltaOne username (this is the value you enter in the "Username" field when connecting to the Delta1 FIX Gateway)
  • A password reset link will be sent to your email, please check your junk. 
  • Copy the password reset link (or click) into your desired web browser and set your password. 
  • Take note of the password requirements. 

PORTAL is not available over general internet

Connecting to PORTAL ( and requires access to services that are not available over general internet.

Please see Required Networks and Ports and request for your local network administrators to assist with access setup. 

Reset from Connect Dialog

Reset from the Connecting FIX Services Dialog

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