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DeltaOne is a no-install front-end providing for any local user to run the application. The application inherits the local permissions of the user logged into the workstation running the JVM. DeltaOne uses Java Webstart technology to load the OneChicago hosted application into a JVM running locally on a user's workstation. To launch the application successfully the user must specify two inputs: the application home and the data API endpoint. 


Application Home

The application home is the default location for DeltaOne's access to the local workstation file system. During runtime the application creates and maintains logfiles and a user persistence home directory. Upon successful login the run-time state of the application is cached in the current login's home directory. If the user cannot read/write to the directory location selected, the application will fail to launch. A directory called DeltaOne is created in the home location provided. The login's home directory contains all cached settings for the login. It is encouraged to back up this directory.

Data API Endpoint

The endpoint selection points to an exchange hosted RESTful Web Service used by the application for various data requests, but most importantly to obtain instrument definitions and MPSecID mappings. No network access to the application protocol/port for the endpoint selected will results in a failed application launch. Please see Required Networks and Ports.

Log FIX Messages to Java Console

A global console setting that is available only on application launch. As DeltaOne leverages two FIX sessions to connect to a Delta1 TPI, users may add an option to record all FIX traffic between the current running instance of the application and the target FIX gateways. Note this may decrease the performance of the application and is only recommended for debugging purposes. To use this option the user must enable and view the Java Console prior to downloading the application into the JVM (How do I enable and view the Java Console?).

Possible Launch Failures

  • Running an unsupported major version of Java Runtime Environment
  • Running an unsupported blacklisted minor version of Java Runtime Environment
  • Failure to read/write to the user specified application home path
  • Failure to connect to the selected data API endpoint
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