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The Alerts tool displays all received session alerts for the currently connected session. Switching users or logging out empties the alerts. Alerts are delivered to the user to raise attention to any session level event impacting the expected behavior of the application. 



Types of Alerts

  • Rejected Market Data Subscription
  • Rejected New Order
  • Rejected Order Cancel
  • Rejected Order Cancel Replace
  • FIX Application Session Error
  • Failed to Request Market Data FIX Session Not Connected
  • Failed New Order FIX Session Not Connected
  • Failed Order Cancel FIX Session Not Connected
  • Failed Order Cancel Replace FIX Session Not Connected
  • Failed Instrument Download
  • Failed Order Mass Status Request
  • Other FIX Application Reject

Alert Notification

On any event triggering a session alert users are notified by both a notification and flashing alert button displaying the count of unread alerts. 

  • Click the notification or click the flashing  button in the bottom toolbar.


The Alerts window can be opened from the Window > Alerts option.

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