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Instruments can be added to a Watchlist through the Add Instruments Tool, from the Scan Markets utility, and from the Order Book window. 


Using the Add Instruments Tool

The add instruments tool provides a search by security to locate and add the desired instruments to the currently selected Watchlist. This tool can be opened from the Watchlist by:

  • Selecting 
  • Pressing Ctrl + I.

Search by the security symbol to locate all Delta1 instruments for which that symbol is the primary component. The resulting SSF, Calendar Spread and STARS™ instruments are presented for selection. Simply Ctrl + Click to select or Shift + Click stream select the desired instruments. Click "Add Selection" to add the instruments to the current Watchlist. 

Adding Instruments from Scan Markets

The resulting instruments from a scan using the Scan Markets utility can be added to an existing Watchlist or used to create a new Watchlist with the name provided at the time of the scan.

  • Choose a Watchlist identified by name, to replace the contents of the Watchlist with the scan results
  • Type the desired name of the Watchlist to create a new Wachlist from the scan results

Adding Instruments from the Order Book or Transactions Window

Any item located in either the Order Book or Transactions window can be used to automatically add a market data subscription to any existing Watchlist. 

  • Right Click > Add Instruments to Watchlist (n/100)

Multiple items can be added simultaneously to the desired Watchlist. Use this functionality in conjunction with the Batch Order Entry tool. 

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