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The Account Management tool is used to store predefined accounts information to autopopulate order and trade tickets. 



How Accounts Work

An "Account" is a predefined collection of attributes to be used in order entry and trade reporting. At the time of use, the information stored for the selected account is used to populate the order ticket. Once submitted these values cannot be changed on the order ticket. Because this is used as a shortcut users can freely add new, change existing, or delete account information irrespective of their use in working orders, pending trades, or filled transactions.

Note that users in a TRADING GROUP may see account names for their group's working orders that resemble account that have been locally created, these are not necessarily the same. The account information working on any event can always be fully reviewed with Inspect an Order Event or Inspect a Transaction

Account Properties

  • Account No
  • Customer Type Indicator (CTI)
  • Allocation Account Type (AAT)
  • CMTA Firm
  • Cross-Margin Account

Account Storage

The account information is saved locally on the workstation running the application in the specified application home directory/USERNAME/account-manager.xml


The Account Management window can be opened from the Window > Account Management option by pressing Ctrl + Shift + A.

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